Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grocery School - Spring Flowers

Monday is grocery day. Weekends we save for Daddy time so by Monday, we are short on supplies. God's lesson plan for the last few weeks at the grocery has been on seasonal flowers, especially bulb flowers right now. As I see them popping up in our neighbors' yards, I show the kids. And them comes grocery day. Great time for review and the kids love it.

If you're curious, we are just passing daffodil and hyacinth season, and entering tulip season with lilies on the horizon. And no, we did not study this in a book. This is just from taking walks or looking out the car window, and then taking a trip to the grocery.

And getting a book from the library would be a wonderful next step if I could stop getting overdue charges that prevent me from reserving books. Baby steps, baby steps.

Here are some coloring sheets that I may have the kids paint in one way or another. Or maybe not. Or we could make a matching game with the flower and name. Or maybe not.


List of Flowers with coloring pages:
Flowers by Month

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